Very, very glad to be back in Vancouver. Wow. CFS = dysfunctional. More details available in person.

Being in Ottawa gave me the chance to think about anything other than the CFS, such as my career plans - a topic of some ambivolence. After some consideration, I think that this post-bac and student union work is actually a good thing to be doing with my time. The main problem is a perceived lack of respect that comes with the "failure" to "leave school and get a real job."

Waitaminute. This is a real job. It has real responsibilities such as the  UPass, clubs, making staffing decisions, dealing with the CFS and running a grants committee for a nonprofit with a membership the size of a midsized town. It just happens to attract incompetents, pays poorly and required me to re-apply four months after getting it.

And I'm in school for good reasons - I like the material, it feeds into my career plans, better qualifies me for an MBA, and even provides me with the knowledge to do my current job better.
My mum was in town, and we took the opportunity to go over all sorts of things: her new house; my studies; family; hobbies; gender. On the latter item, I gave her the okay to tell anyone as she sees fit. Did I mention that my Mum lives in Kelowna? Kelowna: between the ridings of the Honorable Stockwell Day and Darrell Stinson, and per-capita church capital of Canada? It has to happen sooner or later.

Things are getting pretty cool now, and although I remain confused as to how y'all who rely on reading social subtlely get through the day without going paranoid (referring especially to many of you female people), after some consideration, I have decided that I'm pretty sure that the following is not just wishful thinking. There is, of course, no way to know for sure.

I am talking to a woman who is conducting a political survey. I have explained how to spell:
- fiscally
- frivolous
- alientates

...but the laundry-list of questions that she asked about Harper and Dion shows me that, overall, Canadians ask good questions about their leaders.

Queer Sh*t

Feb. 27th, 2007 08:20 pm
1. Out-Out Campus is doing super-cool Queer awareness week stuff. There is a drag show on the 16th. You have to go.
I mean that you actually have to. You don't have choice - we passed it at forum last week. There will be drag kings with fedoras, painted-on mustaches and tommy-guns arriving at your place of residence shortly. Sorry.

2. This gay marriage ad campaigns point out the obvious: a lot of gay couples are pretty straight except for the gay part. Turns out that it had already been done in Canada (it's on the left side of the screen when you scroll down). These ads are funny and accurate and I like them but fall short in two areas.

  a. Gay marriage bills can fail in some areas because gay is seen as a White issue.
  b. Many people, of any sexual orientation, find something alarming about being in a conventional marriage.

I still like them, but I would like to see a multiracial genderfucked six-person bloodplay and the tagline:
Don't worry, you don't have to be a part of this...
but you're thinking about it aren't you?

Just sayin'

3. A few people have been a bit surprised by my gender issues. I've heard that many people don't find me to be that feminine, and that this acts as a source of confusion. Cool.           (and long live Eris, goddess of dischord!)

Here's the short of it: much as trans folk aren't necssarily straight, by which I mean "attracted to the gender opposite their preferred one" (in fact, I think that trans folk are more likely to be non-straight than cisgendered folks), gender identity doesn't always square with mannerisms. There are nelly transguys, who may be gay, straight or bi. I know of one butch translass.

Furthermore, Transgender shit is an intense process of self-blah-blah-blah-blah. In this, and often in transsexual cases of doing awesomely psycho shit to your mind-body with hormones (we must be mentally ill if we want to go through puberty again), people often find that they don't wind up where they expected. There are even trans folk who were homosexual in their old gender and still are in their new one

Changed sex, still queer, sorry dad.

So's you know.
One of them 11.5-hour days at the office.

A day where we've paid for our delegates to attend the CFS meet only  to discover that one - no two - of the five - oh, no six (apparently someone is coming from SFU-Kamloops... yes, that's right, the Kamloops Campus) - people that we're sending to Friday evening - no,  Thursday afternoon - meeting in Nanaimo (it is still to my knowledge in Nanaimo - check back tomorrow for changes) cancel on the day of.

I run around to our constituency and activist groups to drum up volunteers for a paid trip, and by "paid," I mean that the SFSS covers basic costs. I go to Out-on-Campus, SFU's Public Interest Research Group, the First Nations rooms and... the Women's Centre.

The last big paper is out of the way: I've arranged a schedule for next semester that should safely transmute most of this bullshit into nice short weeky assignments.
Senate was nice. Your tuition and tax dollars put lots of good food in our stomachs.

Also, I am running for External Relations Officer. SFU students must vote for me. It's the law.

Slate names (I want to both get people's attention and get into office):
- Scratch Here and Win
- M*therf*cking students in m*therf*cking government (the only party endorsed by this blurry photo of Samuel L. Jakson)
- Wo bushou hanyu (I don't speak Mandarin)

- Clearly the best choice (i.e. Sasha Fox is... CLEARLY THE BEST CHOICE)
- Last, best and only hope
- At least marginally competent (as above)
- Definitely Not a Cylon
- Another mammal running for office
- Fantastic!
- Fiscally and socially responsible
- Yo momma / Your Mom
- Foretold in prophecy
I am warming up from being very cold and very wet. This stems from wating about an hour for a bus after a three-hour Special General Meeting which was held outside.

Also: More CFS madness at Douglas.
I want to get together for another quiet evening of pleasant conversation and food. I have veggie dim sum.
I have part of Wednesday evening free, and Friday is open. I want to sit back on the couch, eat, maybe cuddle, watch a movie, or just talk.

The entire character of a base and its inhabitants can be absorbed in a quick trip to the Rec Commons. The sweaty arenas of Fort Legion, the glittering gambling halls of Morgan Bank, the sunny lovers' trysts in Gaia's High Garden, or the somber reading rooms of U.N. Headquarters. Even the feeding bay at the Hive gives stark insight into the sleeping demons of Yang's communal utopia.

- Commissioner Pravin Lal
"A Social History of Planet"

I like being at SFU: I like the glass-and-concrete buildings that, conjoin into a complex with scores of nooks and gardens. I love being in the cafeteria: all those people sitting and eating or reading or whatever, it's like being surrounded by life.



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