Fucking A.

Everyone had a lot of fun. Food was top-notch. Lots of visitors. Lots of promotion of area services. Trans-fucking-tastic.

Much like last year, only better.

[livejournal.com profile] vuge  and my comedy routine went over smashingly. About a dozen people congratulated me afterwards. Some I've never met before. Several were incredulous when told that we had never performed before.

There should be video soon.


Mar. 7th, 2008 09:49 pm
Friday, March 14th

B.Y.O.Gender, 8pm, Highland Pub, $3-6pm sliding scale

A Night of Gender Performance, Games, Contests, Prizes, Music and Dancing!  It's our traditional end-of-QAW party, and everyone is invited!  Unleash your inner gender!

Featuring DJ Like the Wolf, who you may remember from a little disco called Bent. This is also a benefit for the Trans Youth Drop-in!

This should be even better than last year's - and that's saying something.
Plus I'm one of the judges.
I am talking to a woman who is conducting a political survey. I have explained how to spell:
- fiscally
- frivolous
- alientates

...but the laundry-list of questions that she asked about Harper and Dion shows me that, overall, Canadians ask good questions about their leaders.

There will be another movie night and brain squeezing at my place on July 27th.
The Movie will be

It' a fine movie, somewhat based on the Philip K. Dick novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

Doors open at 7. Movie starts at 8:30. Event ends at 12:30.

RSVP's are appreciated. There will be food, but if you want some, you should either RSVP by Tuesday evening with any dietary considerations (I will keep all animal products organic ) and bring $4 or bring some of your own food to share.

Throughout the event, I will be asking y'all for your opnions re: my business project The Next Now, a form of Broken Reality Caberet
This Cyberpunk Noir thing will be a for of Broken Reality Theatre, or "BRC," pronounced "brick." It is distingushed from a "larp" in that there it contains surprisingly low levels of math, goth, suck, and other things that bother people about larps, plus it it will be run as a business.

The main event will be once a month, or pehaps twice. It will be a on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, depending on which day looks best for the demographic (Thursday is the leading contender).

The question I'm working on is where it should lie on a continuum of cabaret vs ARG (i.e. majestic). In the former case, it's open doors, with members playing characters needing to pass a short interview. The latter is a bit more select: people who want to join have to answer some questions to see if the BRC fits what they want. Both will involve a monthly or twice-monthly fixed-location event where there will be vending of food, beverages (no liquor for safety and personal reasons), and merchandise, and possibly some live music too. The latter case probably involves more meet-ups around Vancouver, with stories set on the waterfront at night, or in an old warehouse or a park or something (and possibly shadowy emails and threatening phonecalls). The former mode will be cheaper; the latter, more costly.

The setting will be near future social speculative film noir melodrama set exactly 28 year in the future Why 28? the calendar cycles every 28 years from March 1st, 1900 to February 28th, 2100. 28 years hence is more intimate that 56 or 84.

I think I will start in January of '07, but will run a test event or two prior to then, which will be open to people who are willing to provide feedback.

So then. The set-up process... and YOU (from most likely to involve you to least)
1. I will be hosting weekly evening things, where I will be asking questions, and having movies or short films, and there will be food.
2. If you'd like to make or do something that you'd like to sell or get paid for at the BRC (food, costumes, hats, posters, fiction, facepainting, live music, DJ-ing, cyberpunk-themed buckets of fish), give me a shout.
3. If you are starting a service business, especially one with a similar product or demographic, we should get together and talk, because we probably can share useful information, maybe buddy up on some costs, or at least freak out together.
4. There will be a need for volunteers to help market the cabaret, set up and clean up shop, and play some "high-planning" characters. Volunteers will get discounted and/or free stuff.
5. I may need a staff person or two, but this is a ways down the line

I think this Wednesday is going to be a crappy time for a movie... and a great time for the Untold Crimes of Insomniacs. Indeed. Let's all go there.

There will be movie night at my place next Tuesday or Thursday, depending on what works better for y'all (i.e. comment if you have a preference). We will be watching Blade Runner, eating dinner and I will be soliciting your estemmed opinions on a variety of geeky topics.

But first, there will be the Richmond Night Market: http://www.richmondnightmarket.com/home.html (screw text-embedded links.)
You will be there for two reasons:
0. It is shiny. Very shiny.
1. There will be Chinese Opera instead of the usual C-pop
2. It is only there that I will be giving out the antidote to the poison embedded in this purple text

7pm Friday. You can come over here first and maybe watch a movie if you like, but we will be leaving on time: stragglers will be abandoned to die.. alone.

There's a map (and a mute button) on the site. A specific location isn't really needed: just wander around until you bump into someone you know. That's right, it's group organization Katamari-style.
So I'm all gung-ho on my business plans, and I like having people over, and I like watching  movies, and I like asking questions, so I'm gonna do something about it... every Wednesday I think.

The trial run went well, so it's gonna be dinner and movie and discussion every Wednesday (Tuesday and Thursday are also an option. I can't remember what works best for y'all) . Show up at 7:00, movie at 8:30, I go to sleep some time a bit after midnight.

"What movies?" you ask.
(this is not a choice, you must ask it... go on, I'm listening through the bugs in your computer)

"Why movies to do with the stupendous neo-reality event which I am concocting: movies to do with cyberpunk, the near-future, film noir, moodyness, Bollywood, colourful costumes and so on." I sagely answer.

"And how does this tie in to your event?" you dutifully ask.

"I'm gonna ask you a bunch of questions about genre, theme, visual elements and what you'd like to see, or would certainly despise, in such an astoundingly magnificent event as I am planning. It should be a lively and humorous conversation." I respond.

So there you go. I think I'm gonna go with Blade Runner next week, but I'm not 100% certain. It might be Tetsuo, or well... I'm not sure, but it won't suck. That's right folks: it won't suck. So I'd appreciate RSVP's, but don't insist on them unless you either want to be a part of the food (if you don't RSVP and don't bring food, there may not be enough to go around), or plan to bring a guest.
Despite the website, I want to go to the Night Market. Preferably Friday the 21st at 7, when there will be Chinese opera.
I suggest facepaint, and perhaps T-shirts with amusing hanzi.

In other news, I have student tickets to the Vancouver Folk Music Festival which I bought by accident. Since I got the in-advance bulk deal, I got them for cheap. I'd like to break even and will sell them for $20 for Friday night and $25 for Saturday or Sunday (instead of the usual $35 and  $40). You need student ID to use them
9-14hrs, June 4th.
600-800 block of Hawks, in Strathcona, West of the tracks and South of Hastings.
$2 a table,
call 604-288-5230.
I may go to sell some books, or I may just go to browse.

The Coalition of Progressive Electors will hold an Annual General Meeting at 1 pm, on Sun, April 23, 2006 at the St James Square Hall at 3214 W 10 Ave, Vancouver.

I am looking to see if anyone wants to come out to the meeting, or get a membership. I'm a little concerned about how this AGM is going to turn out, because we got trounced pretty bad in the last election and there's a sizable contingent who'd like to see COPE "become more competitive" by stepping to the right. I'm hoping to show up and demonstrate that there're people who like having a serious left-wing party around.

Here is why I like a left-wing COPE:

- Advocating for municpal campaign spending limits (1 million spent in 1999; 4.4 million in 2006)

- Bike lanes on the burrard bridge

- Not the bitch of provincial or federal political parties

- Livable region transportation plan

- Social housing

- Seems pretty interested in attracting younger members
- Avoids public-private partnerships
- Harm reduction approach to drug use
- Peace conference
- Open to public scrutiny
- First ethical purchasing policy in North America
- Refused
building rights to Wal-Mart
- Fiscally responsible
- (most importantly) Actually elects people to office

The fourth annual Amnesty International fundraiser music party

Theme: Magical Mystery Tour (Music era 1964 - 1972) played by five great live bands

When: Saturday, November 5. Doors open 7:00pm

Tickets are $15.00 and all proceeds are going to Amnesty International.
Dress up as though you are back in the sixties (optional). Dancing: mandatory
For ticket reservation or more information contact Dave or Luci at (604) 524-0110

Hello: Dear friends and Amnesty supporters:

Our humble band (The Unmentionables) will be playing from 8:15pm - 8:45pm. Don't worry about buying tickets in advance just be sure to let us know if you are coming and who you are bringing - and you can buy your tickets at the door.



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