The Municipal Elections are on Saturday the 15th.

You should vote in them.

Why? (this is Aimed at Vancouverites)
- Municipal government affects your life directly and on a regular basis. You will feel its effects.
- The turnout in te last election was about 25%
- The difference between a win and lose in the last council election was 617 votes, and this carried across to Parks and School Board

I present to you My tentative Recommendations, based no the "Voters' Guide" that went to all mailboxes, knowledge of the parties, and a few of the candidates:

(Comment if I'm missing an important piece of information - I probably am.)

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Bad Dreams and Politics
It is only today that I thought maybe repeatedly waking up in the middle of the night with my heart pounding isn't a good thing.

A dream:

BIO was fun. Light pain pushes me into an altered state of conscousness - my eyes roll back in my head and my mind drifts off. It's a pleasant experience. Using the blood that beads from the pinpricks to draw little swirlies to complement lovely face-paint work is also fun.

The COPE policy meeting, while less masochistic, also brought me a sense of satisfaction. It was a little awkward to both introduce myself as Sasha and bring up the issue of transgender/intersex/parent-child/caregiver-client access to washrooms and changerooms in the recreation facilities. It seemed to go over well.

People ask me "why Rhino" and I have to answer that I don't really know the answer m'self, but Im interested. My primary interest is in the provincial election - those are the most Gong Show of the three scales. But I can see federal and municipal potential.

Federally, we need to get the party recognized, so I'm signing people up. I still have forms.

Municipally, I have a uh... 'vision.' It involves Sam "Runs over the poor in his wheelchair" Sullivan's suspiciously more generous (and totaly unregulated) donors in a lake of alligators, with the people who played power games with Vision and COPE serving as chum to arouse the reptiles' interest.

I mean something serious by this: I can't stand the NPA and I really like COPE... at least siginificantly more than I've ever liked any other non-fringe political party, but, even after the Wal-Mart, the end of housing for the non-rich, the broken transit promises, and even during considering scrapping the ethical purchasing policy,  people just don't seem interested in municpal politics, let alone serious municipal alternatives. It feels almost as if Rhino is the only way of getting some bloody participation on the local scale. So be it.

Given that participation is somewhere around 25%, that leaves a goodly number of potential converts.

Here's my idea: Vancouver has the Work Less Party, The Naked Garden Party, the Sex Party and so on. Why don't we see if we can get everyone together and form a whole slate of nuts? Not just for the election, but for any municpal meeting?

If you know anyone in these parties, send them my way.

Also: Capri Hall, October 14th. Work Less party Masquerade. $10 to get in; $5 with costume.
This Thursday (Agust 3rd), the Brain-Squeezing Night movie will be Strange Days. Again, it's a fine movie, and pleasantly cyberpunk.

I cannot find my copy. If you have one that I colud borrow, could you give me a shout or leave a comment please.

Also: I am also very much interested in showing up at schools at clbus days to pester students about the wonders of politics - COPE and/or The Rhino Party. If you are in school, I would very much like to talk to you about using your studentuniony privliledges to arrange something along these lines.
I've started a COPE newsletter LJ here. Those of you interested in municipal politics, ethical purchasing and community involwement, should go check it out.

The Coalition of Progressive Electors will hold an Annual General Meeting at 1 pm, on Sun, April 23, 2006 at the St James Square Hall at 3214 W 10 Ave, Vancouver.

I am looking to see if anyone wants to come out to the meeting, or get a membership. I'm a little concerned about how this AGM is going to turn out, because we got trounced pretty bad in the last election and there's a sizable contingent who'd like to see COPE "become more competitive" by stepping to the right. I'm hoping to show up and demonstrate that there're people who like having a serious left-wing party around.

Here is why I like a left-wing COPE:

- Advocating for municpal campaign spending limits (1 million spent in 1999; 4.4 million in 2006)

- Bike lanes on the burrard bridge

- Not the bitch of provincial or federal political parties

- Livable region transportation plan

- Social housing

- Seems pretty interested in attracting younger members
- Avoids public-private partnerships
- Harm reduction approach to drug use
- Peace conference
- Open to public scrutiny
- First ethical purchasing policy in North America
- Refused
building rights to Wal-Mart
- Fiscally responsible
- (most importantly) Actually elects people to office


A question for you: What were your impressions of the recent Vancouver election? What about 2002? How did COPE come across? How did Vision come across? The NPA? The Green Party? What role did and could the internet play in all this? What is yor take on municipal politics in geteral? Comments please!
I will not claim that we failed, but I will not claim that we succeded. I will certainly not claim to be happy. Why did we sign onto this?

Choice defines us; as individuals, and as groups.

True or not, consider the doctrine of predestination: that we cannot choose to be saved or damned; good or bad. But we can choose to demonstrate our worthyness, whatever that means.

Just recently, each of us could have done something else somewhere else for someone else. But we decided on working with COPE. We could have made more money or had more time for recreation, family and sleep. We could have had better working conditions, less stress, more benefits, a longer contract or any other of a variety of pleasures, but we chose COPE. And I think we chose this because we knew it was right.

I cannot think of any quality more definitive of 'good people' than 'choosing to do what is right.'

You are good people. You have proven this to be true. Remember this.

Three-quarters of an hour to go. I think we're going to win.

This is extraordinary. This is one of the rare times that the struggle wasn't doomed at the outset that the heroes stood a chance. And maybe, maybe, this is the first time that my side will win.

                                                         I should explain that I grew up in Kelowna.

Screw self-actualization through meaning in now-action or whatever. Give me some victory.

This feeling is electric. This is life.


There was a fantastic universal sense that whatever we were doing was right. That we were winning. And that I think was the handle. That sense of inevitable victory over the forces of old and evil. Not in any mean or military sense. We didn’t need that. Our energy would simply prevail. We had all the momentum. We were riding the crest, of a high and beautiful wave. So now, less than five years later, you go up on a steep hill in Las Vegas and look west. And with the right kind of eyes – you can almost see the high watermark – that place where the wave finally broke and rolled back.

COPE needs someone to skim the various online news sites and blogs to see what people are saying about the municipal election.

The perks of this job
- Good references (from greatful campaign staffers, especially useful for further office, online, municipal or campaign work)
- Free tickets to concerts at some indefinite point in the future
- Free snacks whenever you come to the office
- Gossip (e.g. Jamie Lee Henderson's alleged sexual schenanigans re: Jim Green)
- Karma (Working with the pro-night-bus/anti-Wal-mart party against the anti-night-bus/pro-Wal-mart party - More specifically, this article has all the incumbant councillors' voting records

Salary: We offer competitively ascetic rates of pay - no cumbersome income-tax forms, no pension deductions and no risk of getting caught being paid under the table. There is also ample room for promotion to more challenging unpaid work.

Feel free to forward or link this.
Creator of the ninety-six forms, each one subtly different, each arranged, breatthing life and order into the universe and stuff.
...A wood-paneled desk, my boots off, a phone, that tone, that-state-of place. I woke up after a dream just like this but now I'm sitting here and phoning and it's real.
                                                                                            now that I have boots, I can kick them off

It feels just like deja vu. I guess that means it is. But do I really rememeber the reverse or a few lackadaisical neurons spouting off at the wrong time, making me feel I've remembered?

And If it was true, then why at that time? And if it isn't, what set it off?

I keep remembring like this, flashes of forgotten foresight, suddenly remembered post-priori.
          Bullshit                                   I can only tell you what I remember



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