Last night, a friend of mine dressed up as Raggedy Andy and attacked me with a boffer sword while I defended myself with a 40 cm wiffle bat while remaining attached by one hand to an overhead ring.

We stopped because while it was fun, striking a person who is both moving and unarmoured is not exactly safe. So he whacked me some more while I stayed still. And now I have a lot of bruises.

Who says kink is about sex? Or maybe I'm just missing something here.

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I'm thinking of going for two years. I think I'll be back. I like Vancouver: after living here for six months, I figured I'd be here for the rest of my life. I doubt that will change.

I'll think about this for a week before making a final decision.

But since that final decision will still be "I'm going," I can say that:
- I am going to need to talk to people who have done this, and get their advice on how to do it well.

- I am going to get rid of half of my stuff. Let me know if you see something here that you want. Especially:
           - books
           - a dresser
           - ikea shelving
           - a looooong couch that is easily taken apart and moved and reconfigured into different shapes

- I am going to need to store the rest. Want to split a storage space? Or do you have some that I can give you something for?

- I am looking for electricians in: the Gulf Islands, Haida Gwaii, Tofino and Nelson who want a top-notch apprentice

- I am going to need some means of getting from A to B. Bus probably. Car possibly. Motorcycle romantically, but probably not. Bicycle definitely not.

- There will be a relatively cheap 2BR apartment up for grabs on The Drive in March or April or May. Possbily partially funished.

- Advice on an appropriate cellphone plan

New boots:

They're black with the tinyest bit of gray trim, made out of kevlar and rubber, have a steel toe, and look like something the S.W.A.T. team would wear.

And, as far as the Canada Revenue Agency is concerned, they're a work or school expense.

I start the trades program on Tuesday. Even if all else fails, I will come away with tax-deductable topping boots.
Unfortunately, the circumstaces leading up to my peeling beeswax off of my naked chest were accidental, not intentional.

Fortunately, I have successfully just made a large amount of scent-free hair pomade. I got the recipe from an article on chemical sensitivity.

If you want some, or know someone who would like to try it, let me know.

(So now, to avoid wax-splashes, I am wearing an old apron that says "Graham" on it)
I'm getting genital electrolysis done as a prior-to for surgery. And I gotta tell you, it sucks.

I'm using Lydocane, a by-prescription-only topical analgesic: it numbs the surface of my skin and it still hurts. Aftewards the combination of hot needles and hair removal and genitals and a topical analgesic (Is it strong? Well, high doses "can interfere with resperation") and after an hour, this leaves me wandering around in a half-associated daze, moreso than any playing I've done before.

Then it's off to class.

Every Tuesday.

It's worth it though.
So the word on the previous entry is "whoever you are, you can take off your pants. Just don't be a jerk."

I'm following up on the letter I sent out earlier to a woman's kink thingy.

What amuses me about all of this is:

[edit: I'm leaving the remaining typos in to remind myself why I shouldn't write important letters when I should be sleeping]

1. With this dyke event, where variant gender-expresion is presumably welcome (short hair, comfortable shoes), I'm going to bat to have body-variance included

2. At the women's centre, where they are pretty darn good about body-variance (i.e. intersex, MtF), I am (actually, I should say "was, and may again after the CFS stuff is done") trying to get gender expression included so the space users will stop bothering women with short hair.

So we have people who belong to the one, who would wonder whether they're welcome, and fully welcome, at the other. Maybe I should introduce them.

Man, this shit makes me tense. It just pokes a stick in me.                Boundaries. Boundaries.

Anyway. The letters. I guess I'm putting them here to prove I exist, that I am doing this. I think that probing for these answers is the right thing to do, but I feel like I'm being a jackass.

What I want is a clear answer, and it annys me and scares me when I can't get one (confer: BC vital statistics and changing gender). With a clear answer, I do not have to worry about me or one of my friends getting a hurtful response where they thought theywere welcome. I might even be able to look forward to expanding the social bounds and esources of somethnig that I care about (see examples one and two above).

A few years back, I described my faith as "a crappy Buddhist."
Self denial doesn't work

I. Want:

To spend some time in a cabin that's surrounded by snow - Birkenhead maybe, anyone else want in?

To get back into kink - I attended a workshop last night - I forgot how much fun that was - I find it a bit awkward to go to a play party without someone to play with though

To find a loving relationship - feeling irritated (gah! women! oh... wait... shit.), will keep trying, appreciate suggestions and recommendations

To learn how to make more things - a trades course looms

To be a better cook and seweringpersonything - keep practicing

A cunt - better start doing research

To be doing more art - community college maybe? Or one of those electives that looms on the way to finishing my degree

To get into physical activity that will strengthen my joints instead of hurting them - signed up for softball, will try to get involved with paintball - [ I want to make a queer paintball team (the team is queer - the people on it may or may not be) just so I can make a wordplay on "Rainbow Six"]

To take some time off - told my coworkers last month that I won't be a round much this month

To get my Student Union out of the goddamn CFS - the fight starts in January and culminates in March

To get involved in co-op stuff - I think I might go intern again

You got any advice or suggestions or news, or have the same thing that you want a second person to work on keep me in mind
There's a a blast of cold on your skin, a pulse of heat and flash of light, a varying amount of pain, and then rhythmic "whump." Repeat once per second.

I even have that relaxed/hungry feeling after the fact.

Of course the stench of burning hair might make it a poor choice for parties.

My facial hair has been abused into a pale and sparse shape, and the electrologist need no longer curse and swear because it comes out real easy now.

Speaking of ASC/kink, electrolysis would also do nicely. Dark room with one bright light. Needle goes into a pore. Pulse of heat and/or electricity kills hair, hurts skin. Clicking noise. Needle comes out. Tweezers pluck the hair out. Repeat.

The only complication with both is that you have to grow it out to get it removed. This said, 3-day stubble is now less obvious than 1-day used to be. I hope to stop shaving come January.


D0 (Zeroday of week 0: week of the New Year) --- Happy New Year!

I wish to extend a hearty thank-you to our most esteemed hosts: Mr. Sam Bradd on Thursday; and Paula and Leum on Friday (actually, there are probably still people at their house now)

Mr. Breklor posted a meme just recently: things that you probably didn't know about him. I am combining it with my resolution for this year:

BIO was fun. Light pain pushes me into an altered state of conscousness - my eyes roll back in my head and my mind drifts off. It's a pleasant experience. Using the blood that beads from the pinpricks to draw little swirlies to complement lovely face-paint work is also fun.

The COPE policy meeting, while less masochistic, also brought me a sense of satisfaction. It was a little awkward to both introduce myself as Sasha and bring up the issue of transgender/intersex/parent-child/caregiver-client access to washrooms and changerooms in the recreation facilities. It seemed to go over well.



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