Feb. 20th, 2017

Another dream of a movie that I want to see but which hasn't quite come out yet. This one - Alien: Covenant

At first, we just know that we're doomed. All of us in a sprawling industrial structure, all of us in a nightclub or cathedral. Knowing that one among us has been infected; that it will turn him to an inhuman raging beast. And knowing that the same thing is in me, pushing me, pushing me, sharpening my reactions, my assertions up to and over that 65% agitation mark of no return, and in my head I'm crawling eagerly to a point of no longer giving a shit about human limits, or morals. The woman in the trailer who points out that "we don't know what the fuck's out there?" I'm her, if she decided not to be automaticaly marked as 3rd-tier lead. If she was played by Charlize Theron, of the prequel, and of "Monster."

And in all this something that was never human in the first place has scuttled out into the terrestrial ecosystem and it will breed. And it will kill all of us.

And then the second part. We're on the ship. Or I am. And one of The Engineers is there. Only she's a pleasantly dowdy red-nosed (9' tall, extraterrestrial) British retiree caravaning by the sea in her giant biomechanical space horseshoe-with-vagina-entrance. And she's downplaying the risk of the escaped creature. To her it's nothing unusual - tea? And two other engineers come over. These ones are pale and Other. And since they may smash impudent humans, I am polite as hell with Our Makers. But one puts his hand on my head, and he knows. Because I'm this character here (https://youtu.be/Dsh_wFI0uMU?t=74). And he asks if that's what's bothering me, and I say yes. And while their weapons are terrifying, and their pets or pests might doom your planet, Engineer medicine is pretty straightforward and painless. Admittedly their idea of a typical feminine appearance is what you'd expect from a race of marble giants with genitals that speak to a larval invertebrate fixation, but it's still an improvement. And I'm gonna take it because I know they're dying and the looters will be here soon to let their demons out and into our world. And when one says that all we do is ask for things, I'm candid and mention that we feel inadequate in comparison and what's a couch to crash on for a star-trotter? And he smiles and says that he'd love to come over. And the looters will come soon, and the demon will get out, and we'll all be lucky to live.

What's curious is that I was archetypically female, and probably cis, at the top of the dream, and decidedly female - and transitioning - at the end. Like 10 years into starting hormone blockers my subconscious is saying

--- /This is real. It's happened. The world might be on fire. And you just might not survive. But you're going to be okay. /



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