I like that this article is calling for pluralism. And that it questions the line between trying to be right for the sake of understanding how the world actually works and dismantle injustice (e.g., as per the authour, dead babies aren't waiting in heaven, and life is unfair for most who don't share her privilege), and trying to prove someone wrong in order to push a political agenda on them. Kudos for that.

I also find a giant and ironic hole in her argument. The authour is taking her personal emotionally liberating experience with Wicca and making some dangerously unsubstantiated claims (e.g. "we witches are the most hated of all.") while ignoring the problems common to many highly vocal but not all practices of Wicca (i.e. unreflective Eurocentrism in a variety of forms, a habit of historical revisionism based on truthiness-centred pseudoresearch, and celebrating itself as sexually liberating while often being about as radical as Sex and The City - and then pushing all this on other people as something they must, on some level, accept). What is ironic and problematic is that every one of these problems *has a clear parallel* with her misgivings towards Atheism.

But consider - both are non-majoritarian metaphysical models whose practitioners are concentrated in the under-50 set with a privileged social position who, in seeking alternative universal models to what they feel is an oppressive majority, evangelize without first interrogating their own shit. In my opinion, from what she's objecting to in her article, that's the real problem - not Atheism, or even Christianity (or Wicca) but evangelizing without reflection.

Sleep following on recovering from food poisoning, and a 02:30 angst-induced "two-character exercise" for which I was absent. (conclusion - the act of shopping it around now indicates its salability later)


He Who is Visiting has positive cancer tests


All of us are working service support jobs for The Avengers. They're off somewhere. That dog isn't of earth. Breastfeeding it is a good way to get your organs sucked out - see diagram. Suggest dog-food instead. Talking to its human. They are nomadic.


Going to meet a woman by the neo-skytrain in... Largely? Elevated long-running, wide-bodied post-West-Coast0Express transit vehicle. She has a profile akin to the one who taught me to "breathe" (tall-ish, dreads), but it's not her. It's someone I haven't met yet. I go to get my ticket but the train leaves. That was the last one for awhile. I guess I'll have a long trip.


Sorceror's/Adepts club. Unknown Armies style. Two gifted types in attendance (in waking life: 1. do we call them "mage," 2. I have met, bob of dark hair, light tan skin... the name I can't remember?) join flesh (literally) to embody the three-faced one. A few tweaks on the flesh like clay, a few tests hand-walking, pressing a coin into our skin until it leaves its face, rubbing it smooth again, and wondering if I'm steering it too much (but of course, we are all now "I") and I/We are ready to go.

After coming in from the night, realizing I am an older version of the one who plays Anne-onymous. Someone is here to contract us to something overpriced. My landlord is coming. The people on the ground floor have skipped out.
My last attempt to sleep on a piece of wedding cake for three nights (in the hopes of divining my future in romance and/or marriage) resulted in a vivid dream of joining a five-person/four-gendered hub-mind.

(To deliberately bring about a dream is a practice known as "incubation")

Read more... )
Before venturing into the land of the damned, I require a protective amulet.

Erk - uh, too much Prehistory of Religions for me!

I should say before I go to Ottawa for the CFS conference, I want to get my ears pierced. I'm looking to do this on Monday.

Any suggestions on where I should go? Where I should avoid?

In any case, my Prehistory of Religion class kicks ass insofar as it takes "an experiential approach to the foundations of human spirituality."

Or, in other words, "assignment due in week 2: talk to a tree. Week 3: find the sacred axis in your house, and report on the closest thing you've had to an ecstatic experience. "

And so on.



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