May. 1st, 2016

It's good that resources like this exist, and this is definitely worth a visit. I find that the essay here ( has some conclusions that have some dodgy applications, insofar as they kind of run up against telling other nations that if they're doing decolonization differently (i.e. faster, or with greater hybridity), then they're not doing decolonization right - and when presented in the context of a foundational educational site, that message is especially ill-placed.

One nation's first (or second, or third or fourth) steps of decolonization might looks like the authour's idea of the fifth step of *colonization*. Laenui also claims that if one does not spend enough time in contemplation and goes to the next stage prematurely the results can be disastrous, citing other nations' governmental systems as being too western. Do those other nations see their new government as adequate? Or at least a work in progress, preferable to what came under occupation - to later be amended and improved? Is the authour aware that many of these neocolonial governments have systems of representation that make the British Parliamentary system look like a gerrymandered sham? If a nation has evicted a colonial government and installed its own, even if it's flawed, then is it just to say that they needed to wait and dream longer? Why are these other governments' so suspect while the authour's preference for western style media is taken for granted?

The reason that I'm being persnickety is not to suggest not using this site. It's that when one compiles resources for 101 allyship, teaching that one method of activism is right and another is wrong, without either a pluralistic frame, debate, or a lot more nuance can lead to allies latching onto one school of thought as correct, and alternative schools of thought as, for a lack of a better term, the enemy. Confer: men who join 2nd wave feminist organizations; NT parents who join dodgy autism organizations; etc...

Seems like a good site otherwise though.



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